At Raymond Bottone we strive for great every time...

Hair cuts shouldn’t just be good, they should make you feel great.


What makes a good hair cut?

  • People often ask us, “what makes a good hair cut?”

    It’s a tricky question but here’s our take on it…

    “We believe a good ‘do’ will last more than a few days. It should be as easy to style after a couple of weeks as it is the day it is cut. A good hair style should be as versatile as your lifestyle is varied. It should complement you – not merely copy the latest fashion.

    At Raymond Bottone we want you to walk out of our salon door with the hair you want, not the hair your stylist decides you want. That’s not to say we won’t help you reach a decision. Of course we will. An in-depth consultation and professional hairdressing advice are part of every salon visit. Together we’ll help you to achieve hair that complements you, suits your maintenance regime and makes you feel great.”

    A hair cut shouldn’t just be good. It should make you feel great. At Raymond Bottone we strive for great every time.

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