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Wear The Curls

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Many guys coming into Raymond Bottone Hair Salon seem to despise their curl, they either cut it short or do their upmost to groom the curl away.

Curly hair is far from an imperfection. Whilst it seems there’s a lot of attention on Joey Essex’s (TOWIE) fusey haircut , there’s a British gent on the scene that we feel wears his hair brilliantly.

Benedict Cumberbatch famed for his role in ‘Star Trek Into the Darkness’ and BBC series ‘Sherlock’ has an amazing curl in his hair in which both in and out of role he wears extremely well.

Raymond our men’s expert at the salon explains, “I love a curl in the hair. A wave or curl offers a wide variety of styles and looks hot to onlookers. Work with it and love the wave in your hair”.

So leave the straighteners in your drawer and ask your stylist at Raymond Bottone Hair Salon which products will help you dress the curls.

P.S. Did you know Mr. Cumberbatch is naturally a red head? #hairdye