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5 Tips For Healthy Summer Hair…

Protecting your hair during the Summer months is a must for those looking to keep their hair looking shiny and easy to manage.

Our talented Colourist Katie shares her top tips on preserving the condition of your hair and making sure your hair colour is longer lasting.

Keeping The Chlorine At Bay…

As much as we love the textured waves we end up with after a day at the beach, we all know the damage that sea water and chlorine from the pool can do to our hair. To keep colour fade and dryness down to a minimum, rinse your hair with clean water, and leave a little conditioner in before going swimming. Hair is like a sponge; it can only hold so much water. If it’s already full of clean water – with conditioner as an added barrier – it will absorb a lot less of the sea salt and chemical.

Pro Tip: Following your relaxing day at the beach, shampoo and condition with a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner this will maximise the colour longevity, bring back the shine and to cleanse the hair of any leftover chlorine or salt.


Beachy Buns…

Want to keep cool and look cool doing it? Tying hair up into loose styles is perfect in hot weather. High ponytails are great, but make sure your hair isn’t pulled up too tightly as this can cause damage.

Vary your look by either keeping it sleek and smooth, or teasing out the hair to create a messy lived in bun.  Again, be careful not to pull your hair too tight as this can cause damage and sensitise your scalp.

Pro Tip: Turn your hair into a bun by gently twisting and wrapping the hair around your hair tie securing with a few bobby pins.


Leave The Lemon Juice For Your Cocktails…

As much as it does seem like a good idea to lighten your hair “naturally” in the sun, using products like Sun-in, and even lemon juice can have unfavourable effects on your hairs condition. Sun-in is made up of metallic salts, which can cause a chemical reaction if it comes into contact with hair colour causing serious damage and in some cases the hair can vanish!

What you need to know: Lemon juice, is an acid. Your hair needs to be between 4.5 and 5.5 on the pH scale to be healthy. The PH of lemon juice is around 2, causing the hair to be brittle, dry and extra sensitive to UV rays.


Keeping Your Hair Nourished…

A leave in conditioner is always a great idea. Teamed with a wet brush, they can help to detangle the hair in half the time! Most, but not all of them, also contain heat protection; which should ALWAYS be applied before blow drying or heat styling. A great leave in conditioner is Matrix Miracle Creator (Available at Raymond Bottone for £8.95), it has an amazing 20 benefits with detangling, moisturising, controlling flyaway, shielding from pollution and easing blow drying to name but a few.

Using the right stuff…

Using a professional shampoo and conditioner is so important for maintaining your hair colour at home.

If you want your colour to last use Sulphate free shampoo. Sulphates can be found in cleaning products and detergents as a type of cleansing agent and be can quite harsh for regular use on coloured hair.


Using an ‘No Nasties’ shampoo and conditioner on your hair, such as ‘Minu’ from Davines Hair Care will help to keep your colour in tip top condition. Our clients tell us Davines has transformed their hair and skin and for that reason we’ve made it our exclusive hair care brand here at Raymond Bottone.

Enjoy the summer and if you have any questions or you’d like to chat over a hair colour idea that you’d like to explore, I’d love to hear from you – Katie x

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Image Credit: Stocksy


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