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7 Questions With Raymond Bottone

7 Questions with Raymond Bottone

Whilst awards, tours and the running of the salon are not unusual to salon owner and men’s specialist Raymond Bottone, we thought it would be great to share some of the things that you may not know about this young hairdresser.

1.Raymond, if you could have one super power, what would it be?

I’m thinking an Edward Scissorhand power would be useful but perhaps a little scary. I think flying, being able to go anywhere at any time would be great.

2.What would your perfect world look like?

I think a tropical island would be perfect with constant heat, could have an outdoor salon that way.

3. Favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

Do a little work with some coffee, followed by some films or a TV show. Arrested Development is my top ‘rainy weather’ show at the moment.

 4. What’s your favourite spot in Brentwood?

Ah that’s so hard! There are so many great places.

 5. Why did the chicken cross the road?

To come to our salon.

 6. If you weren’t a hairdresser what would you be?

A hair……something to do with hair.

 7. When cutting hair what’s your inspiration?

I guess you could say my clients are my inspiration. My number one thing is making sure when my client gets home they can style their hair with ease and look great. It’s no use having a haircut you can’t style.

Is there anything you would like to ask Raymond? Comment below and he’ll answer your question however weird and wonderful it is.

Next week we talk to Senior Stylist Ami.

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