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Caring For Your Hair In Lockdown

Hey, I’m Shelby, a Stylist at Raymond Bottone Hair in Brentwood.

I was styling my hair (a rarer occasion than usual during Lockdown), and my straighteners blew up on me! Luckily being a hairdresser, a pair was on standby to help me tend to my locks. 

When the straighteners gave up, I panicked and started to think about our clients who may not have hairdressing tools at their disposal and might be feeling a little fed up with their hair during this lockdown.

I thought about all of our clients who have colour, that was so unsettled with their hair colour during the March lockdown. 

I feel that for some, our hair is so essential as it’s part of our image, and an excellent ‘do’ can put a massive smile on our face – during Lockdown you’re not able to have those silvers concealed, or have a blow-dry for your special night out. 

I want to share some of my top tips for lockdown hair that I hope will help put a smile on your face and keep your hair in tip-top condition ready for when you can revisit your salon.

Unwelcome Roots

Some of our clients, especially those who have balayage, natural roots coming through aren’t the end of the world, but those looking to conceal their natural colour can feel unsettled not having their hair coloured regularly. 

Box colours can be appealing, but I can’t always recommend them as they don’t always go as planned and can hinder your colour results when salons are back open.

My suggestion: Root Cover-Ups

You can buy root retouch spray that’s essentially like coloured dry-shampoo. You spray it on, and it covers the natural colour. L’Oréal offers a very affordable solution that you can buy here, pick the shade that’s right for your hair and spray it on the root area (At the time of writing the Retouch Spray starts At £7.00 for 75ml).


In a rush for a last-minute meeting? A wide headband also goes a long way in covering roots. I found some great affordable designs from £5.00 on Asos here.

The Hairdryer That Prevents Damage

I can honestly say as a hairdresser it is far easier for me to blow dry my client’s hair than it is to style my own. 

Drying your hair and trying to avoid damaging it can be tricky. 

I recently took the plunge and treated myself to one of Dyson Hairdryers, it was no easy decision given the price.

It cut the drying time down; my hair feels better, and I noticed the dryer automatically reduced the heat as my hair neared being completely dry. The dryer was also a lot lighter and more comfortable to hold which made it less of a chore to do my hair.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys blow-drying their hair that wants to preserve their hairs’ condition.

Dyson dryers are expensive, but I bought mine from the official Refurbished Dyson Store, saving £60 and it came with all of the attachments! Best of all – my hair felt so much smoother, and I didn’t need to use a pair of straighteners to smooth my ends. I love it!

I still use and recommend a Parlux dryer to other hairdressers.

If you feel Dyson hairdryer is a little OTT, I recommend this BaByliss Pro-Keratin hairdryer, for £39.99 (at the time of writing) it also regulates it’s the temperature to prevent damage to your hair and has enough power to dry your hair in good time.

The Right Shampoo

There are times where I’ve had to use pharmacy bought shampoos, and I must admit; they clean the hair, and they have come a long way since I started my career in hairdressing nearly ten years ago.

There’s nothing wrong with using shampoos you find in high street pharmacies and food stores, but, I have found that my colour clients using pharmacy shampoos have experienced more colour fade and damage than those that use professionally recommended shampoo. 

As many of my clients will know, I love Davines Haircare; it ticks so many of the boxes for me. It’s a no nasties shampoo that’s very gentle on my hair. It’s also super concentrated, so it should last me longer than most pharmacy shampoos and conditioners.

We usually recommend Davines to our clients at the salon, but sadly, due to Lockdown, we cannot help clients find the right shampoo for them. However, visit Davine’s Website and select your ‘Hair Status’ and the website will show the right products for you.

My personal favourite is the oi’ Shampoo and conditioner (At the time of writing £18.09 from Amazon), and it leaves my hair feeling really soft and super shiny! The only pitfall is that it can leave my hair feeling a little oily sooner than my usual cleanser shampoo.

I hope my tips will help ease those bad hair days until you’re back at your salon, stay safe.


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