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Christmas Party Curls: Step-by-Step

Want to turn heads this Christmas with some Hollywood glamour?

Shelby, at Raymond Bottone in Brentwood, shows you how to achieve big, bold and bouncy party hair with these professional tips.

Shelby’s using heated rollers for this supercharged glam look (who knows, you could have a set from Santa). You could also create this style with Velcro rollers or the famous ‘Sleep in Rollers’.


Step11. Keep your sections nice and easy. Using a pintail comb take sections of hair no wider than the roller itself.

Step22. For supercharged volume always roll to the base of the section of hair you have taken. Angle your roller like this, and roll down, keeping a good tension on the hair.

3. Let your rollers cool down completely before removing to ensure a long-lasting ‘do’.


4. When removing the rollers be sure to take them out in a circular motion. Why? Because your hair could still be cooling down and this way you won’t pull your hair out of shape.

Step55. Your work’s not done yet. Once the rollers are out, dress the curls gently into shape with a comb. Shelby’s using a touch of L’Oreal’s Super Dust  for extra whoosh.

Step66. Fix your style with a good hair spray for a fail-safe look that lasts all evening. Don’t blast the hair with one long spray. Instead, try 2 or 3 gentle smaller sprays all over, which will help keep that beautiful volume you’ve created.

There you have it. Gorgeous big, bold, bouncy curls. Just add some sparkle and smoulder for the perfect party look…


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