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Meet Lindsay, the Hair Colour Extraordinaire…

Hey, I’m Lindsay, the newest addition to the incredible team at Raymond Bottone Hair in Brentwood, Essex.

So where did hairdressing start for me? Have you ever had that childhood dream that just sticks? Well, for me, it all started with those captivating moments of watching my mum’s friend work her hair magic. Fast forward, and here I am, living that dream as a hair colour expert at Raymond Bottone Hair Brentwood, Essex.

I’m a big fan of keeping up with the trends, and as with most things in fashion, what’s on trend tends to change with seasons. Pastel shades are taking the spotlight this summer, and who can resist that touch of playful charm? But that’s not all – I’m all about the ‘all over colour contour,’ where your hair becomes the star. Imagine hair that’s lighter at the front, beautifully framing your gorgeous facial features. Trust me; it’s like giving your face its very own spotlight. 

Now, let’s talk hair care; after all, the best and most beautiful hair colours need a little TLC – and I have an excellent recommendation for you. Allow me to introduce you to Wella’s Ultimate Repair, the four-step wonder that’ll leave your hair feeling utterly fabulous. Here are my top application tips:

Step one: Begin with a foamy delight by working the shampoo from roots to tips. 

Step two: Immerse yourself in the deep conditioner, using your wide-tooth comb as your trusty companion. Rinse and towel dry, and now, for the serene moment – 

Step three: a 90-second spray-in treatment that’s like a mini-retreat for your hair. Just spray, comb, and let the countdown begin. 

And if you’re feeling fancy, step four’s got your back – a heat protection serum that’s like a hair superhero, defending against UV rays, especially great for those holiday getaways!

I’m a passionate hair colourist, so I studied hard to become a Wella Colour Expert (something less than 1% of our industry has). I am head over heels for everything colour. Balayage? Absolutely. Highlights? Bring them on. Something fascinates me about transforming my client’s looks.

I’m told that hairdressers need some downtime! So when I’m not busy weaving colour magic or tressing my client’s beautiful locks, you’ll find me at concerts or getting lost in the captivating world of theatre. Plays, musicals, and let’s not forget that a weekend isn’t complete without diving into a binge-worthy Netflix series.

I am so excited to share my passion for hair with you. Book your appointment by calling 01277 263060 today; I cannot wait to meet you.

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