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New Year, New Hair Care

Following the Christmas and New Year celebrations, all those party blow dries and colours take their toll on your hair leaving it looking damaged and fragile. The start of the New Year is a great time to refresh your look and get healthier, more gorgeous hair for 2017.

At Raymond Bottone Hair Salon in Brentwood, Senior Stylist, Shelby and Senior Designer, Maria share their top tips on why it’s important to turn over a new leaf and revamp your hair care routine both inside and out.

Hair Follicles Need Vitamins

We are what we eat! How many times have you heard this statement? But it’s true. A balanced diet will lead to healthy hair while a diet lacking natural proteins and vitamins will lead to unhealthy hair and skin.

Hair benefits from a protein rich diet such as chicken, eggs, tuna and nuts, as well as leaner cuts of meat such as steak which also contain high levels of iron all of which help keep hair follicles strong and healthy, as well as preventing hair loss.

“Your hair will immediately reap the benefits of a balanced diet, it’ll offer you more shine, better styling, a longer lasting colour and most of all healthier hair”, says Senior Stylist Shelby.

Let’s Work On The Outside

Whilst a balanced diet is a great foundation for healthy hair, you also need to protect hair from the elements such as electrical tools and even styling regimes all of which play a role in diminishing the condition of your hair. It can be difficult not to style your hair using tools like hairdryers and straighteners, so what can we do to ensure we’re preventing discolouration, frizziness and brittle and broken ends?

Senior Designer Maria recommends a treatment to help repair the hair and prevent future damage. “The ‘L’Oréal Vitamino’ Masque is great as it wraps each hair with a lightweight film to protect and strengthen it against everyday wear and tear, as well as preventing colour fade”. Available from Raymond Bottone for £10.95.

“Nothing breaks my heart more than to see damaged hair, us girls don’t always want to cut the length for better condition, regular treatments are a great way to make sure we’re looking after our long locks” says Maria.

“If time is against you try L’Oréal’s 10 in 1 Leave In Spray” suggests Maria. “It’s a great multi-purpose leave in treatment that provides a whole host of benefits to the hair including shine, anti-breakage and makes hair easier to blow-dry and more manageable – it also smells divine. Apply the treatment after every wash and your hair will be ready for whatever the elements.” Available from Raymond Bottone for £10.95.

Whilst we can do our best to prevent our hair from becoming unruly, unfortunately split ends still happen. To prevent split ends becoming a regular occurrence, the team at Raymond Bottone recommend getting a regular haircut every 6-8 weeks. This is the most effective way to keep your hair strong and healthy and get rid of those dry, split ends.


At the Raymond Bottone Salon we do our best to ensure that our hair services are carried out with your hair’s health in mind. If you’re thinking about your next colour, cut or style, why not pop in to the salon for a coffee and chat with a member of our team to discuss your new look.
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