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Raymond's 5 tips for Healthier Hair

Raymond’s 5 tips for Healthier Hair

The myths that surround our hair never cease to amaze me,  questions like “does my hair get used to my regular shampoo and conditioner?” come frequently.Your hairdresser should be able to tell you the facts and the do’s and don’ts of looking after your hair.

In case they haven’t filled you in on the secrets of  healthy hair – here are some ideas that may make your ‘hair’ day.

 1.     Turn the heat down

Most hairdryers come with a switch that gives us the choice to select the heat we want for our hair. Don’t go for the hottest, go for the lower heat. As my client Sam discovered you can over dry your hair; a high heat not only damages the hair shaft but could affect your scalp too. As for straightener’s, I advise seeking a pair that allow you to turn the heat down. Some are so hot you could iron your shirt collar with them!

 2.     Deep Condition

Once your ends have split that’s it, no ‘frizz easing’ treatments will bring it back. What we can do is prepare your hair for the wear and tear ahead. Using a treatment for your hair can have a number of benefits including increasing the longevity of your hair dye and the prevention of the dreaded ‘split end’. At Raymond Bottone we stock a range of colour treatments tailored to any ones hair type, my favorite is the ‘Exquisite Oil Ritual Masque’, it contains moringa oil which offers hair great shine.

 3.     Your hair is what you eat

A good healthy diet will be reflected in the condition of your hair. Cut out the burgers (yes it’s hard I love them too), eat high protein foods likes nuts and chicken and your hair could reap the benefits. For a healthy scalp fresh fish and flaxseed will also help the production of Omega 3.

4.     Regular Hair Cuts

We recommend that you visit the hair salon every 6 to 8 weeks to encourage your hair to feel and look healthier and stronger. Even if you are growing your hair a little trim doesn’t hurt, growing split-ends isn’t a good move.

 5.     The right Shampoo

For years, there have been promises that your hair can look as good as Cheryl Cole’s, These brilliant shine shampoos sold at highstreet stores are packed with silicone. For a few weeks your hair does feel amazing, but then the silicone builds up and your hair feels lank and dull.

Salons recommend and sell shampoo with this in mind, our shampoos are the best we could find (we tried a fair few). Our shampoos contain no silicone, they are packed with natural elements, for instance our Colour Care Shampoo takes inspiration from the orchid with professional low pH formulas and Orchid + UV Complex to moisturise and protect the depth, tone and shine of color-treated hair without parabens or synthetic dyes.

– If you’d like to ask a question about a hair myth you have please ask below.

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