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Summer-proof your hair

Summer is the season of sun and fun, but it also poses challenges for maintaining healthy hair. While we slather our skin with SPF galore, our hair often misses the TLC it deserves. Don’t worry, Chloe shares her sun-savvy tips for summer.

Shield your strands

As the sun intensifies, so does its impact on our locks. UV rays damage the proteins in our hair, leading to dryness, breakages and colour fading. Understanding that your hair needs sun exposure protection like your skin is crucial.

Choosing your summer hair saviours

“Kick off your summer haircare by choosing shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for sun exposure” says Chloe “Start with Sebatsian’s Penetraitt Shampoo for a gentle cleanse that preserves natural oils. Pair it with Sebastian’s matching conditioner  to help quench and repair sun-stressed tresses.”

Holiday hair

Stay tuned for our July blog, where we’ll take an in-depth look at holiday hair and how to combat the effects of sun, sea and chlorine.

Style smart, not hard

“Go easy on heated styling tools,” advises Chloe. Air drying is your BFF to prevent additional heat stress, but it is not always possible or convenient.

When you must style, lower the temperature down a notch or two and always guard your hair with a thermal protectant – Matrix Miracle Creator is brilliant for all hair types.

When styling, go for loose, protective styles like braids or updos to minimise sun exposure and prevent tangling.

Keep your hue true

Coloured hair fades fast under the sun. Shield your colour with a sun protector and don a hat for stylish protection. Walking the dog, shopping in an open-air market or enjoying an alfresco lunch will leave your colour faded and your hair damaged.

Blond tip: Combat brassy tones post-sunshine with a purple shampoo to help neutralise those yellow tones. Unsure which to choose? Ask your stylist for their advice – we love to help.

Safeguard your scalp

“The sun doesn’t spare your scalp leaving it sore and red just like the skin on the rest of your body, explains Chloe.

She adds “Wear a hat if you can. If you have thinning hair or a receding hairline, apply sunscreen generously to exposed areas and along your parting line.”

Pro Treatments for sun-damaged hair

Visit us for a personalised consultation. We offer a range of treatments, from plex that we can add to hair colour to shine-enhancing glosses, designed to revive and nourish your hair.

And don’t forget, regular trims are essential to snip away split ends and encourage healthy growth.

Don’t let the sun steal your shine

You can enjoy vibrant, healthy hair all season long with the right products and routines. We’d love to see you – book your appointment today and enjoy the beautiful summer without worrying about your hair. Call 01277 263060 to book your summer ‘do’.

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