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Whether you’re looking for the perfect Balayage fade, playful pastels, sun-kissed natural highlights or a bold look-at-me colour book a complimentary colour consultation with one of our specialists.

We’ll consider your facial structure, skin tone and hair condition, talk about your lifestyle, hair quirks and celebrity inspirations then suggest the right colour blend, technique and products for your hair.

Our award-winning colour experts are some of the best in their field.
Take a peek at some of our work in our hair colour gallery.

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Balayage & bespoke colour

Our colourists are renowned for their freehand Balayage work so take a peek at our à la carte Balayage menu for the most sought after colour work in Brentwood.

All of our Balayage services include toner.

Balayage with Root TintNew to Balayage or it's been a while, this includes the roots and ends using the balayage technique.£129£139£149
BalayageLooking to have balayage or haven't had it done recently and you love your natural colour, we suggest this service.£109£114£119
Top Up Balayage with Root TintHad balayage before? This includes colouring the root and balayage.£89£96£103
Top Up BalayageLove your natural colour and you've had balayage before? This one's for you.£73£77£80
Root StretchWe recolour your root ensuring it transitions into your balayage or highlights beautifully.£59£63£66
Bleach & ToneLooking for that all over blonde look? We carefully bleach the root and tone with a colour of your choice.£65£70£75

Highlights & lowlights

Full Head
Highlights or Lowlights
As many colours as you wish - great for creating texture and a variety of colour.£75£80£86
Half Head
Highlights or Lowlights
We colour the top, sides and crown with the colours of your choice.£57£63£66
T-Section FoilsBoth the parting and crown are foiled, great as full head lights maintenance.£43£46£49
Parting FoilsKeep the regrowth at bay and have your parting foiled to match the ends.£33£36£39
Innoluxe TreatmentAn optional treatment that we add to your colour. Our clients tell us it makes hair feel smoother and easier to manage.£20£20£20
TonerWe add a toner to enhance your colour to the desired tone.£14£14£14

All over colour & bleach

All Over ColourWe apply one colour to your hair leaving it shiny and beautifully complete.£54£54£57
Bleach & TonerWe keep your blonde hair looking great. Recommended every 2-8 weeks.£65£70£75
Root ColourWe apply one colour to your roots.£40£43£47
Innoluxe TreatmentAn optional treatment that we add to your colour. Our clients tell us it makes hair feel smoother and easier to manage.£20£20£20
TonerWe add a toner to enhance your colour to the desired tone.£14£14£14

To book your hair appointment call 01277 263060 or...

*For your well-being we carry out a complimentary skin test 48 hours before your first colour appointment. Our appointments are popular so we may ask for a 50% deposit on services over £100 and/or for new clients. We understand clients occasionally need to change or cancel their appointment. Should you need to do so we ask for at least 24 hours notice in which case we’ll hold the deposit ready for your next visit. If we don’t receive 24 hours notice for any client appointment then 50% of the service will be charged. Many thanks.

Colour Correction or Complete Colour Change

Not happy with your existing colour? We get the colour you want, whilst caring for the condition of your hair. Prices are £84 per hour with our Colourists and £92 per hour with our Master Colourists.

What our clients say...

As always, a lovely experience at Raymond Bottone. Customer Service is the best. Shelby did my hair lovely.

From the moment I phoned the salon I knew I was in good hands. Donna is fabulous and really does all she can to make your experience special including moving the diary around to fit me in before I started a new job. The salon is relaxed and clean and the staff are all incredibly friendly. Charlie who did my hair is a colour wizz! He made me feel completely at ease asking loads of questions and keeping me informed along the way. I am so pleased with my cut and colour, will definately be coming back and would recommend to anyone looking for a great friendly service with amazing results.

Alice-May Hawcroft

Massive thank you to Shelby for making my hair look INSANE!!!!! The salon is clean and welcoming, All the staff were super friendly and made my almost 4 hours in the chair fly by! – I can’t wait to come back xxx

Amy Pickett