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Why colour allergy alert tests are so important

We want to colour you safe as well as beautiful, says our stylist Charlie and that’s why we’re so hot on ensuring all our hair colour clients have regular allergy alert tests.

Are allergy alert tests really necessary?

The answer to that is a great big yes. Allergic reactions to hair colour can range from mildly irritating to life-threatening and everything in-between. You just don’t want to go there, so always, always ensure you have regular allergy alert tests if you colour your hair.

This applies even if you have been using the same product for years without problems. Allergies can develop over time, so it’s vital to remain vigilant. This is why regular allergy alert testing is essential.

What causes allergies to hair colour?

Allergies occur when our immune systems react to substances that are normally harmless. The effects are usually mild but can be extremely serious.

A few people are allergic to the ingredients found in hair colour, particularly PPD (paraphenylenediamine).

How do we skin test?

From February 2023 we offer our clients an allergy alert test system called ‘ColourStart’, which offers you a safe and convenient way to test your suitability for a colour service and securely store your results in your personal online portal (Passport).

The first time you use Colourstart, you will need to answer a few quick questions to make sure you’re able to use ColourStart, and providing you’ve passed the criteria to use ColourStart, you may apply the patch. Once applied, ColourStart will stay in touch with you via email or SMS to guide you through each stage.

Providing you don’t react to the Colour Start patch, and ColourStart say it’s ok to colour your hair. We’ll proceed with your hair colour.

Then, ahead of each of your future colour services, all you must do is answer the screening questions before your visit to the salon, and if your result is a green “go ahead” tick, you will not need to apply a Colour start test again, unless advised to do so by ColourStart.

If it’s red, or other advice is given, please contact us before your visit on 01277 263060.

Your ColourStart Passport belongs to you

As ColourStart belongs to you as your personal passport for hair colour, our salon charges £10.95 for the ColourStart pack. ColourStart is now compulsory to be used and completed ahead of your colour service.

Black henna tattoos and hair colour

When you come to the salon for a hair colour, you must inform ColourStart if you’ve had a black henna tattoo since your last visit to us. This is because black henna can contain very high levels of PPD and may make you allergic to hair colour – even if you have never reacted before.

Book a colour consultation

Thinking of having a fresh new look or refreshing your colour? We can advise on the best colour treatments for your hair while you’re here and provide you with your ColourStart pack, so you’re ready for your colour service appointment. Book a consultation on 01277 263060.

And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please call or pop in, and we’ll put your mind at rest.

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